Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition

New dates and venue

19-21 May 2021

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition

New dates and venue

19-21 May 2021

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Welcome Letters 2012

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population I would like to invite you to participate in the II International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition “KIOSH” which will be conducted on April 26-27 in the Exhibition complex KORME, in Astana.

The KIOSH Project is an important and urgent event for Kazakhstan, which key target is to contribute to decrease in occupational injury and accident rates.

Occupational safety and health conference is aimed to discussion on issues of improvement of jobsite safety conditions, their political and social significance. The conference will also include a series of training master-classes and practical round tables which will enable participants to hold detailed discussion of topical issues and presentation of high performance technologies for their solution.

The unique Kazakhstan Exhibition “KIOSH” is a crucial tool for grouping of Kazakhstan market of personal protection equipment, and its area will join leading national and foreign companies from many countries.

Representatives of states, products manufacturers and suppliers, production plants, research and development institutions are kindly invited to participate in the Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition “KIOSH-2012”.

I am sure that “KIOSH” will become a fruitful ground for solution of issues and problems in the field of labour protection and occupational safety. 

Sincerely yours,                                                                     

Gulshara Adbikalikova

Minister of Labour and

Social Protection of Population of

the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, let me welcome participants and guests of 2nd Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition KIOSH-2012 timed to coincide with the World Day of Labor Protection.

The KIOSH-2012 Conference and Exhibition is one of the first and relevant events in the Republic of Kazakhstan encouraging to give due attention to the issues of labor protection and occupational safety in all sectors and spheres of Kazakhstan’s economy.

The Ministry has developed and approved regulatory legal acts in labour safety and security as well as in social support to lower-income people and their families. Due to on-going cooperation with international organizations in its field, new development technologies relating to issues of labor protection and occupational safety are followed-up and implemented on-time.

We invite to participate home and foreign representatives involved in labor protection and occupational safety, for discussion and presentation of innovative developments in matters of availability of personal protective equipment to employees, training programmes and drills, production and application of last engineering developments.

We are certain that this conference will become traditional dialogue ground for solution of labor protection and occupational safety issues and problems.

We wish all participants and guests of this KIOSH-2012 Project to achieve your desired goals, enjoy fruitful work, and find new business partners!


With best wishes,


Birzhan Bidaibekovich Nurymbetov

Dear participants of the Conference,

I would like to greet you at the second international conference on occupational safety and health – KIOSH, which is dedicated to the World Safety Day.

According to reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) annually 2.3 mln men and women die in occupational accidents or from professional deceases, the global Gross Domestic Product reduces by 4% due to bad working conditions and such accidents. Thus, even in peace about 5000 people die on the planet each year.

The idea of the International Safety Day comes from the Day of the Died Workers Commemoration, which was held for the first time by American and Canadian workers in 1989 to commemorate the workers who died or was injured in incidents at work. That is why the WHO decided to make April 28 the International Safety Day with the objective to support enhancement of the safety and hygiene culture around the world.

In 3M we fully support the initiative of the KIOSH organizers, which corresponds with the WHO’s objectives, and within the frameworks of the measures dedicated to the International Safety Day we actively participate in roundtables and the exhibition. It is very important that such meetings are held with participation of three parties: with representatives of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, industrial companies, as well as scientists, specialists and representatives of the leading companies producing Personal Protection Equipment – all who can make labor conditions safer and more comfortable.

With joint efforts we can ensure safety.


Aigul Temirova

General Director

3M Kazakhstan LLP


Dear Participants of the 2nd KIOSH 2012 Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition,

The national Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises (AGMP) supports the 2nd Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition and welcomes all participants of KIOSH 2012 Project, which is timed to coincide with the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

The significance of occupational safety and health turns the conference into a necessary and timely event.  Its extensive agenda will initiate discussion of pressing issues of the sector’s development, establish an effective tool to review the world experiences and application of advanced technologies, and further the development in this area.

KIOSH 2012 will include an exhibition to present the latest developments and innovations in the area of personal protection equipment, educational programmes, medicine and insurance.
The Korgan Competition will identify the best companies and professionals in this sector.

I am sure that KIOSH 2012 will become a central platform for interaction between representatives of the government, business and international professional associations.  May all participants of the conference and exhibition enjoy a constructive work!

N.V. Radostovets
Executive Director

Dear Exhibitors and Guests of the 2nd KIOSH 2012 Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition,

I welcome you on behalf of Allies Industrial Group, one of Kazakhstan’s domestic market top leaders in the area of occupational safety and health providing a full range of services from consulting and training, development and implementation of corporate standards to production and supply of personal and collective protection equipment.

The company’s main objective is to minimise injuries and accidents at all industrial enterprises through the introduction of modern procedures, standards, and products meeting international and Kazakhstan requirements with due account of the best international practices.  In achieving this global goal, we tackle other strategic tasks as well, specifically: we analyse and assess current standards and procedures, select appropriate risk level protection equipment, develop relevant corrections and updates within the company, and hold training seminars on the products we offer.

The events held under the KIOSH 2012 umbrella, such as a conference, roundtables, exhibition, and industry-specific competitions, Senim and Korgan, pursue a very significant goal of reducing injury and accident rates within the industry, reducing the risk of accidents at hazardous production facilities, minimising potential damage to the environment and society, and enhancing labour productivity.

KIOSH 2012 offers excellent opportunities to exchange expertise in the field of occupational safety, get familiarised with the latest achievements in the sphere of industrial safety made by leading manufacturer experts, and build partnerships.

We are open for cooperation and wish you a zero injury rate and success in all your endeavours!

Sincerely yours,

Dinmukhamed Kunayev
General Director
Allies Industrial LLP


To participants of 2nd Kazakhstan International Conference and Exposition on
Occupational Health and Safety KIOSH - 2012

Career Development Centre expresses its deep respect and invites you to participate in the 2nd Kazakhstan International Conference and Exposition on Occupational Health and Safety KIOSH-2012, which will be held April 26 – 27!

The goal of KIOSH 2012 project– decrease rate of injuries and accidents in enterprises, reducing the risk of accidents on dangerous industrial objects and minimizing possible damage to the natural environment and society, as well as improving productivity.

The main objectives of the event:

>    to establish centralized and effective platforms for discussion and resolution of actual questions of health and safety;
>    to organize effective meetings of international and domestic manufacturers of personal protective equipment, training and consulting centers, medical and insurance services;
>    to present the latest achievements and developments;
>    to the productive exchange of information, making specific decisions, the conclusion of mutually beneficial arrangements.

Main activities of the KIOSH – 2012 project:
>    Conference
>    Exposition
>    Roundtable discussion
>    National sectoral competition – «Korgan».
We wish to all participants’ productive work and constructive ideas and their practical implementation in order to optimize business processes and improve profitability of companies!

Gladyshev O.
General Director of "Career Development Center"

Dear Partners, Colleagues and Exhibitors,

The Kazakhstan Light Industry Association, which unites textile, sewing, knitting, tannery, fur and footwear factories, welcomes and congratulates you on the opening of the 2nd Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition (KIOSH 2012).
Kazakhstan has a growing cotton, wool and hide production for export in large amounts.  Recovery and development of the whole added value chain in the industry is a critical aspect in establishing a competitive light industry in Kazakhstan.

Almost 80% of Kazakhstan companies operate in the market of production of special protective clothes and footwear for workers in various sectors: oil and gas, construction, transport, security, medicine, etc.

This exhibition is an event for the Kazakhstan companies to exchange their experiences and demonstrate their achievements in the area of occupational safety and health.

May all exhibitors enjoy a constructive work!

Sincerely yours,

Lyubov Khudova
President, Kazakhstan Light Industry Association

On behalf of Kazakhmys Group I’m glad to greet you at the second Kazakhstan International Conference on Industrial Safety. Reduction of occupational injuries and illnesses level, and improvement of occupational safety are priority targets of our production activities.

Over the past year since the last conference we, in our company, have performed massive work in the area of occupational health and safety. For us it was quite an intense and fruitful period. In each team and at each business unit we endeavored to direct maximum effort towards improvement of the health and safety conditions. Our purpose is to ensure clear understanding that observance of health and safety rules and standards is a day-to-day duty of everyone at his workplace. We, in our company, know what awareness is – it is a long and complex process, which requires thought through comprehensive solutions and involvement of all employees therein.

We know where we are at today in the safe production management process. We are confident that occurrence of fatalities is unacceptable and that all accidents are preventable. Accordingly Kazakhmys makes substantial investments into sustaining and improving of occupational health and safety programmes. Our dedication to achieving zero injury level we expressed in a long-term project with a symbolical name – “Омir” (“Life”), aimed at creating a high level safety culture.

First of all it should be noted that we have started to focus not only on organizational factors, on modernization of equipment and production process, which in itself is very important, but also on less tangible and measurable factors, such as change in behavior, increase in responsibility and commitment in regards to health and safety requirements and standards. 

I want to thank all those who organized this conference for provided opportunity of communication and fruitful exchange of experience on this extremely important topic and wish all participants of the conference successful work!
Respectfully yours,
Sergey Diachenko,
Chief Operating Officer
Kazakhmys Group

On behalf of ITECA LLP, the world leader in the sphere of exhibition industry, let me greet participants and guests of the 2nd Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition KIOSH – 2012.

The KIOSH Conference and Exhibition is one of events of high priority arranged by our company. The idea of this event was supported by responsible ministries and governmental institutions, and also by largest industrial corporations and trade associations which is evidence of high urgency and good timing for holding such a Conference and Exhibition.
Development and implementation of the world standards in the sphere of occupational safety and health will undoubtedly result in a decrease of the occupational injury rates and provide favorable conditions to increase labor efficiency.

I am sure that the KIOSH-2012 Conference and Exhibition will allow all the participants to discuss the most significant and urgent issues for utmost development of the trend on occupational safety and health.

I wish successful performance, prosperity and success to all the participants!

Best regards,
Organizing Committee

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