Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition

New dates and venue

19-21 May 2021

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition

New dates and venue

19-21 May 2021

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Welcome Letters 2014

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is with sincere joy that I welcome the guests participating in the 4th Kazakhstani International Conference and Exhibition for Occupational Safety and Industrial Security KIOSH-2014, to be held around the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

The theme of this year's WDSHW is: "Occupational safety when using chemical substances in the workplace." The use of chemical substances in the workplace is a real problem, not just for the general public, but for the world of labour.

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated with the goal of facilitating the prevention of accidents and illness at places of work around the world. This information and awareness campaign is aimed at attracting public attention to the problems in the area of occupational safety and to the increase in the number of injuries, illnesses and fatalities, related to labour activities.

Data from the Ministry of Occupational Safety testify to the continuing large-scale problems in the area of occupational safety. Throughout the world approximately 270 million cases of accidence and 160,000 cases of occupational illness are recorded, which take the lives of more than 2 million people. This has a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of workers and their family members. This results in losses to the global GDP of lose 4%.

Unfortunately, such losses have occurred in Kazakhstan as well. Based on data from the Statistics Agency, out of 1.7 million people surveyed, the number of workers working under harmful conditions amounted to approximately 369,000. Employers have spent 78,382.1 million tenge on incentives and compensation for work performed under harmful or other unfavourable conditions. Annually, organizations allow more than 2,000 accidents on the job, with roughly 300 of these resulting in fatalities.

The conference has become a widely renowned international event, that is a platform for the exchange of opinions amount the representatives of state organizations, business circles and trade unions, and also plays an important role in the development of constructive dialogue for determining ways of development and how to solve current problems in the area of occupational safety. I am certain that this year's conference program will create favourable conditions for acquiring information that is as complete and objective as possible on the state of affairs in the area of occupational safety and for the sharing of opinions among the participants on the most relevant issues.

I wish all participants and guests in the conference fruitful work, new ideas, and that their large-scale plans and projects come to pass.

Tamara Kasymovna Duisenova
Minister of Labour and Social Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan


On behalf of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, allow me to greet the participants in the 4th Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference, KIOSH 2014.

In his speech, the President said: "Kazakhstan must become one of the safest countries in the world and one of the most comfortable for human living." This is directly related to questions of industrial safety, which always has been and remains a major and pertinent topic. Every day it acquires greater and greater value: further industrialization, the appearance of new sectors in the economy and the dynamic development of transportation infrastructure and agglomerations means that safety issues must be the top priority by default."

The International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Health and Safety, is without a doubt, a currently in-demand platform enabling the exchange of leading experience and knowledge. I express certainty that the conference will make it possible not only to demonstrate the latest innovative developments and newest products among personal and organization-wide protective equipment, but also to discuss the most important issues in the area of occupational health and safety.

I wish all participants and guests at KIOSH 2014 fruitful work and that they would reach the goals they set!

Yours truly,

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Vladimir Karpovich Bozhko


On behalf of ENRC I am delighted to welcome the participants of the 4th Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition - KIOSH 2014!

It is noteworthy that the conference is taking place on the eve of the World Health and Safety Day announced by the International Labour Organization.

«I am for safe work!» is the motto for the World Health and Safety Day at the Company's enterprises. We continue to improve the effectiveness of corporate requirements related to safety risks management at all levels of the Company. To support this personal responsibility of line managers for safety had been established at the plant sites, program aimed at awareness raising and motivation improvement of employees was implemented. Solutions to mitigate injury risks at open pit and underground mining operations, metal and energy production facilities, product transportation and construction works are being sought within this program. The key goal of ENRC is to make the production more effective, safe and sustainable.

Our efforts were highly appreciated at international level. Last year the Company was awarded with finalist certificate in competition on safety and sustainable development organized by DuPont in the category «Progress in implementing cultural evolution in sustainability».

Today the Company carries out a construction of new ferroalloys plant in Aktobe. Cases of injuries due to safety violation by contractors made us make a decision to implement integrated safety requirements for contractor companies and include contractor injury statistics into Company's overall statistics.

Since its establishment KIOSH became a prestigious platform for effective dialogue between state and business structures, international organizations and institutes to ensure common understanding of approaches and principles of risk management in safety. This conference provides an opportunity to adopt best practice in safety, in particular remuneration system and motivation of employees at all levels.

I wish all participants efficient work, meaningful ideas and further implementation to achieve our common goal – zero injury at work!

Head of ENRC in Kazakhstan
Aldiyar Kaztayev


Dear Exhibitors and Guests of the 4rd KIOSH 2014 Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition!

I welcome you on behalf of Allies Industrial Group, one of Kazakhstan's domestic market top leaders in the area of occupational safety and health providing a full range of services from consulting and training, development and implementation of corporate standards to production and supply of personal and collective protection equipment.

The company's main objective is to minimize injuries and accidents at all industrial enterprises through the introduction of modern procedures, standards, and products meeting international and
Kazakhstan requirements with due account of the best international practices. In achieving this global goal we tackle other strategic tasks as well, specifically: we analyze and assess current standards and procedures, select appropriate risk level protection equipment, develop relevant corrections and updates within the company, and hold training seminars on the products we offer.

KIOSH 2014 offers excellent opportunities to exchange expertise in the field of occupational safety, get familiarised with the latest achievements in the sphere of industrial safety made by leading manufacturer experts, and build partnerships.

We are open for cooperation and wish you a zero injury rate and success in all your endeavours!

Nursultan Shokanov
General Director
Allies Industrial LLP


Dear participants of the 4th KIOSH 2014 International Exhibition and Conference!

We are glad to welcome and congratulate you on behalf of 3M Kazakhstan with the International Day of Labor Protection, which we celebrate every year here with you, and that is the professional holiday of our company.

Currently, The Republic of Kazakhstan continues its path of forced industrial-innovative development. And the success of this journey depends on many factors. At present industry occupies almost one third of our economy. New production technologies are changing the global organization of production, and determine the competitiveness of companies. Therefore, the technology in the field of labor protection has to keep up with scientific and technological progress, and our efforts should be aimed at the adoption of comprehensive measures against the negative effects of industrial development.

As an innovative company, we are ready to share our experience and knowledge to contribute to the development of Kazakhstan's enterprises and the implementation of economic challenges facing our country. Our task as a business, regardless of the economic situation, is not only to produce quality and convenient means of protection; we focus on the low-tangible, immeasurable, but an important factor in the development of occupational safety culture at local enterprises. To this end, we are working constantly: we conduct training courses, provide training video, interactive and printed materials. Confidence in the future is perhaps the most important thing each employee needs today!

We believe that with effective and constant interaction through joint efforts a decent and safe work for all can become a reality!

Through joint efforts we will ensure safety!

Andrey Lymar
General Director 3M Kazakhstan


On behalf of "Burkit Safety" company, we welcome and congratulate you with the 4th International Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition "KIOSH 2014".

This exhibition is gaining popularity and we thank everybody for their efforts in the implementation of this event.

We sincerely believe that participation in this exhibition, conference, contributes to the creation of workplaces safety in various sectors of our country, enhances the safety culture, allows to exchange new experiences, technologies, successes and allows to discuss our problems in a civilized way.

As one of the pioneers in promoting safety and the latest technologies in this field, we can see how far we have already stepped, but much more remains to be done. So, we wish you all the great success in this conference and exhibition.

We are "Burkit Safety" will make every effort to provide and introduction of new technologies in the field of Occupational Safety and Health, improve and expand our services, including our own production of PPE, solving customers' problems to make production in the Republic of Kazakhstan even more secure.

We wish success to all the Project's participants, partners, guests and organizers!


Sergey V. Derevyanko
General Manager
"Borkit Safety" LLP


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I would like to welcome hosts and guests of 4th Kazakhstan International Occupational Health and Safety Conference and Exhibition — KIOSH 2014 and on behalf of Kazzinc Ltd management let me thank you for invitation to participate in such a Forum of great significance for the professionals interested in successful solutions to matters of importance specified on the agenda.

The upcoming meeting of Colleagues, Partners, Leading Global Experts, Managing Directors from State and Social Agencies at the only dedicated stage in Kazakhstan – KIOSH - is a unique opportunity to obtain a comprehensive presentation on positive trends and perspectives for problem solutions in occupational health and safety. Besides, same as before, participants get an opportunity to learn everyone’s best practices and activities, to show own achievements and to discuss important issues.

I would like to highlight that since the establishment day 17 years ago, Kazzinc determined occupational health and safety of employees to be among the top priorities of Company activities. Ever since we do a comprehensive work in this direction to steadily reduce injuries and eleminate accidents on our worksites both with Kazzinc employees and Company contractors working on our premises. Within the focus of our attention is the mitigation of accident risks at the hazardous production facilities and of potential damage to environment.

Naturally, among the main priorities in our corporate development strategy is the commitment to international standards in issues under consideration, adherence to social and labour policy accepted in Kazakhstan. We pay careful attention to improvements of labour working conditions, whereat special measures have been developed and are successfully implemented in the current Company activities. More importantly, in November 2013 we have commissioned implementation of a large-scale program Safe Work, and within it we have described hazard management standards and processes. We are planning to talk about the principles of the program during our presentation.

Much work has been done, but not many of possible that still can be made even in our company.  Here, at the Forum, I believe, professionals will have a good opportunity to discuss and decide on the reliable approaches to managing the whole range of production risks.

We are convinced that the conference and exhibition will be held in business-friendly atmosphere, and panel discussions and workshops will promote business contacts and facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation, development of new solutions and initiatives. We all agree that experience sharing is the key item in development of any operations.

We would like to wish all participants and visitors expansion of their business contacts and development of fruitful ideas, which are good for us all!

Best Regards,

Nikola Popovic
Board Chairman
Kazzinc Ltd


Dear participants and guests of the 4th Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition – KIOSH – 2014!

An important element of policy implementation in the sphere of labor protection is a close interaction between parties of social partnership to maintain a constant dialogue and the search for mutually acceptable solutions aimed at protecting the rights and interests of employees.

By using the best international practices in the qualitative improvement of working conditions and safety of its employees, Tengizchevroil constantly works on improving the overall culture of safe behavior through the active involvement of employees in the process of familiarization with safe methods of operations and behavior models.

Our company continues to demonstrate its leading safety performance in the oil and gas industry. 19 000 TCO and contractor workforce achieved more than 50 million hours without injuries and incidents in 2013.

Tengizchevroil LLP values highly the importance of the Conference KIOSH-2014, the mission of which is not only to demonstrate the achievements in occupational safety and health, but also to discuss approaches to the management of occupational safety and health in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We are confident that the conference will contribute to enhancing the level of decent occupational safety.

We wish the participants and guests of the conference successful and fruitful work.

Tim Miller
General Director

Anuarbek Jakiyev
Deputy General Director


Dear colleagues!

The Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises is glad to welcome all participants of the 3rd International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition KIOSH - 2014.

Occupational safety and health are always a relevant issue for mining and metallurgical companies. In this regard we should mention the importance of KIOSH 2014 as an effective platform for sharing the best world practices and application of advanced technologies in field of OSH.

At the Exhibition held within KIOSH-2014 the latest developments and innovations in the field of personal protective equipment, educational programs, health care and insurance will be presented.

The industrial competition «Corgan» will determine companies which achieved the best results in OSH compliance.

I am absolutely sure that KIOSH - 2014 will become one of the central industrial events providing the platform for interaction between representatives of the government, business and international trade organizations. I wish all participants a fruitful Conference and Exhibition!


Nilokay Radostovets
Executive director of
The Association of Mining
and Metallurgical Enterprises


Dear Partners, Colleagues and Participants in KIOSH 2014!

The Kazakhstan Association of Light Industrial Enterprises, which unites textile, sewing, knitting, fur and leather, as well as shoemaking enterprises welcomes and congratulates you with the opening of the 4th Kazakhstani International Conference and Exhibition for Occupational Safety and Industrial Security KIOSH-2014.

Kazakhstan plays a significant role in the world today. Through its achievements in the areas of economics, foreign policy and social development, Kazakhstan has proven its importance to the world community.

Our country is rich in natural resources, and moreover, good levels of development are observed in the production of cotton, wool and hides, the majority of which are being exported. Currently, approximately 80% of these Kazakhstani companies are working in the market for the manufacture of special protective workwear and footwear, for workers in different sectors: oil and gas, construction, transport, security enterprises, medicine, etc.

The KIOSH-2014 project is the only platform in Kazakhstan for issues around occupational safety and industrial security, which is, without a doubt, important and required for the achievement of the major, shared goal: to reduce the incidence of injuries and accidents in the workplace. The conference, without a doubt, will make a substantial contribution to constructive discussions on pertinent topics, and will facilitate solutions for the major, important issues in the area of occupational safety on the job. The Exhibition will allow guests to learn about the latest achievements in the area of occupational safety and industrial security.

We wish success and fruitful work to all the participants in the KIOSH 2014 Project!

Yours truly,

President of the Kazakhstan Association of Light Industrial Enterprises,
Lyubov Khudova


On behalf of SIZ Association SPO, I would like to welcome the honored guests and participants of the 4th Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition KIOSH-2014!

SIZ Association sees this event as an excellent opportunity for the representatives of all the areas of human activity from different parts of the world to discuss wide range of issues related to occupational safety and safe practice in order to minimize together the rate of occupational injuries.

KIOSH Project with its highly topical program is a perfect platform for meetings and cooperation between representatives of state offices, science and business as well as PPE manufacturers and suppliers. Holding of conference, exhibition, round tables and master classes at the same platform will allow increasing efficiency and relevancy of the Project.

I am absolutely sure that KIOSH Project being unique at Kazakhstan market will add momentum to the occupational safety and helath development process on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

I wish all the Project participants, guests and organizers a fruitful work and achievement of all stated objectives!

With deepest respect and best wishes,

Sorokin Yu. G.
President of SIZ Association


Dear Ladies and Gentleman:

On behalf of the members of the National Association of Occupational Safety Centres in Russia, allow me to welcome the participants and guest of the 4th Kazakhstani International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Safety and Industrial Security KIOSH 2014.

The problems connected to resolving issues around employers ensuring occupational safety in organizations is especially pertinent currently, when the economic crisis throughout the world is having a significant effect of the financial status, both of each family, and of organizations on the whole. Under conditions of real growth in unemployment, the use of cheap labour by employers in place of qualified specialists with many years of experience, the questions surrounding the ensuring safe working conditions take on particular importance. Regardless of the qualifications of workers, safety levels in organizations should not fall, but rather the less qualified the worker, the greater the effort required to meet the requirements for safe working conditions in organizations.

The economic crisis, is no reason to allow workers, including mid-level managers and specialists, to break the rules of internal working procedures and occupational safety guidelines. Everyone needs to fulfill the requirements of the law, which prioritizes protecting the lives and health of workers above any production needs or indicators. At the same time the economic recovery after the crisis is over could result in a notable burst of worker injury. In order to soften the implications of industrial growth, first and foremost professional specialist employees must be retained in all types of commercial activity, without forgetting about raising their qualifications. Investments in human capital must, as before, remain a priority direction in the activities of organizations of any type of ownership.

Currently, a global trend has been distinctly noted in the area of occupational safety and hy-giene, as the stress is transferred from safety rules at work, toward occupational safety and hy-giene in the workplace (in other words toward adapting working conditions to the needs of the worker). The current standards in the area of occupational safety and hygiene clearly result not only in collective responsibility, but in roles and responsibilities for employers, employees and their representatives, as well as forms of joint cooperation.

Another really important direction in the past few years has been underway in the global community in the area of standardization, where a process of shifting from prevention to simply prescribing protection measures is underway under the conditions of the globalized economy. Without a doubt, lawmaking activities will undergo new changes due to objective reasons. The activities of our organizations in the area of occupational safety and hygiene must stay abreast of new modern concepts, such as labour culture or occupational safety culture. All of us need to take these new trends in labour training into account, as well as the transition from technical recommendations to a systems approach providing an effective system for occupational safety management based first and foremost in measures for preventing production-related risks. In order to reduce the risk of acquiring occupational illnesses and injuries, our association takes a number of concrete measures within the framework of the registered Voluntary Certification System for Organizations, Specialists, Products and Industrial Processes and Areas of Occupational Safety.

I hope that the participants and guests of the conference and exhibition will actively use the opportunities here to expand their business network.

I am certain that your conference and exhibition will become a celebration for all who create and support safe working conditions on the job.

General Director
National Association of Occupational Safety Centres
Science Figure of Merit of the Russian Federation
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Member of the Public Council of Russia's Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Member of the Board of Directors INSHPO and ENSPO

N. N. Novikov


Dear guests, organizers and exhibitors!

On behalf of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan I welcome exhibitors and visitors to the 4th Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition KIOSH-2014.

This exhibition and conference clearly contribute to attraction of due attention to the problems of occupational health and industrial safety in all sectors of economy. KIOSH-2014 is an opportunity to exchange experiences in the field of occupational safety, familiarization with the latest developments in the field of industrial safety, security of workers with the personal protective equipment from leading international and domestic experts manufacturers. I am confident, that innovations and best practices of the exhibitions 2014 will not remain unclaimed by the specialists of the industry.

I wish all the exhibitors and visitors successful work, new solutions and achievements, development of cooperation. And, of course, safety!

Best Regards,

A.V. Yakovlev
Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in
in the Republic of Kazakhstan


On behalf of the Organizers, the Kazakhstani exhibition company Iteca is happy to welcome the participants to the 4th Kazakhstani International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Safety and Security, KIOSH - 2014!

Iteca has recommended itself as the leading organizer of exhibitions, conferences and forums in Kazakhstan. The company organizes approximately 45 expo events each year in Astana, Almaty, Atyrau and Aktau. The topics of the events run by Iteca cover 17 different sectors of the economy such as oil and gas, the mining and metallurgical complex, energy, the chemical industry, transport and infrastructure, healthcare, construction, etc. In nearly all of these sectors, some of the most important and chief issues are those surrounding occupational safety and industrial security. These issues, in their turn, lie at the foundation of the concept behind the KIOSH Conference and Exhibition.

This is the fourth year running that industrial ministries, authorities and associations, as well as the largest industrial corporations and companies, have made it a tradition to support the event. This is a testimony to the high relevance and timeliness of organizing and creating a platform like KIOSH where the issues around occupational safety and industrial security will be discussed.

I am certain that the platform of KIOSH Conference and Exhibition, which was created for meetings and discussions, for exchanging experience and knowledge, and for demonstrating the latest achievements in the area of occupational safety and industrial security will facilitate a reduction in workplace injuries, as well as help provide favourable conditions for increasing labour productivity.

I wish all the participants success in their appearances, prosperity and good fortune!

Yours truly,
The Organizing Committee



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